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Classroom Profiling observation and feedback practices allow schools and educators to determine the effectiveness and consistency of the implementation of the school's pedagogical practice. Whether PBL, ASoT, Fleming, Archer or a bespoke paradigm, Classroom Profiling allows for non-judgmental observation and feedback using agreed definitions and practices developed by many educators - over many years and many education sites - who are motivated to ensure meaningful engagement and successful learning experiences for all students.

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Classroom Profiling is a supportive, reflective professional practice relevant to all educators regardless of their years of experience or educational setting. Classroom profiling allows teachers to reflect on the effectiveness of their pedagogical practices they currently use in their classroom.


This calendar is provided to inform visitors of: Classroom Profiling Association (CPA Inc.) events – meetings, workshops and training; Classroom Profiling Association training days; and QTU (QuEST) endorsed training. So, if you are:  looking to find an initial training course near

Essential Skills for Classroom Management

Classroom Management refers to teacher practice as well as student behaviour. Positive classroom climate, positive interpersonal relationships, clarity and consistency of expectations and consequences (both positive and negative) all work together to create an efficient learning environment. Establishing expectations –

CPA Newsletter

CPA Newsletter 2019 – 3 Click on the link to the Classroom Profiling newsletter to read the latest issue. The newsletter keeps all Profilers up to date with current events, plans for the future and profiles key members of the

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General enquiries regarding The Classroom Profiling Association Inc. and its activities can be directed to:  info@classroomprofiling.com this email account is monitored during Queensland State School academic terms. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for a response to your question.  

Lighthouse School Criteria

Lighthouse schools: Community Members (administrators, teachers, students and parents) understand the purpose of Classroom Profiling  and are able to explain the benefits of Classroom Profiling to various audiences Teachers and Administrators are able to demonstrate the links between Classroom Profiling 

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