Great question – short answer – support from a professional, collegial network and access to proven quality resources.

Longer answer…

Not only do you have access to all Classroom Profiling resources at your level of training from this website

But you also benefit from……

  • Being invited to all General teleconferences (it’s your association, you get to have a say in how things run).
  • You receive a quarterly newsletter. This is just one communication method to keep our members up to date with CPA Inc. activities and initiatives and also contemporary research and resources that can assist you in your various roles in schools.
  • Becoming a more active member the association, nominating at the AGM to join the Management and Executive team – we are always happy to embrace new people to the team. We benefit from a diverse group of people from different sectors and regions across Queensland, the rest of Australia and overseas.
  • Assurance of quality providers for Classroom Profiling training. All trainers in Classroom Profiling must be endorsed by the Classroom Profiling Association Inc. This means at the completion of the training, a certificate from the CPA Inc. will be presented to the participants signed by the instructor. This is one measure to ensure maintenance of the integrity of all CPA Inc. training packages. All endorsed instructors are listed on the CPA Inc. website. If this is not your experience, please contact the CPA Inc. at
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We’re a Not-for-Profit

The Classroom Profiling Association Inc. is a not for profit organisation under the Queensland Government Associations Incorporation Act 1981.  We are an association of volunteers working to support the process of Classroom Profiling.   

We are not a business but we do have expenses we need to cover.

Your membership fee goes towards:

  • Paying an Administration officer to work 3 hours a day Monday – Thursday to monitor the email address Our current admin officer is Tracy Green. As part of her 12 hour a week job Tracy fields all inquiries and answers your questions herself, with her vast knowledge of the CP process and database, or she will direct you to the person best suited to answer your inquiry. In the 12 hours she works Tracy covers a lot of ground to support the association.
  • IT expenses – we need to maintain an accounting package, website, a social media presence and databases. This all requires service provision and expertise. If you require more information regarding what packages and whom we currently use please let us know and we can provide you with this information.
  • Other smaller operations measures eg maintaining a stock of merchandise.
NFP initials

We are not a commercial entity

  • Please do not confuse the association with external educational consultants running businesses. Part of their business may be the provision of Classroom Profiling training.
  • These consultants will be following CPA Inc. endorsed protocol of including a $50 certification fee for each participant in their registration costs. 
  • This certification fee adds all participants to the membership database and access to all website resources at their level for the year following the date of completion of training.
  • It is the member’s decision or a school decision (for whole school memberships) to continue their membership by paying an annual membership fee. The CPA Inc. will automatically contact you regarding renewal.
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