Classroom Profiling Association Merchandise

Changes to Ordering Process

We’ve made a significant change to the ordering and invoicing process.

Fill out your order and send it in to us. We’ll then send you an invoice for payment.

Your order will be dispatched as soon as is practical.

You’ll no doubt notice a big difference when you order stock from us in 2020 – we’re committed to being more responsive and getting orders despatched sooner!

We know what it’s like to order gear for a training and not receive it in time! If you order it in plenty of time, we’ll do our utmost best to get it to you ASAP!

Postage / delivery costs will be added to your merchandise total.

Order Forms

Click on the forms below and download them, fill them in, get them in to us!

Clothing Order Form-2020
Clothes order form 2020
Shirt Models are Trevor Durbridge and Catherine Dolphin.. Thanks guys for volunteering for Janet!
shirts- trevor durbridge & catherine dolphin modelling
shirts- trevor durbridge & catherine dolphin modelling

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