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Whole School Membership is an option for schools with many CP qualified teachers and is determined by enrolment – not numbers of CP trained individuals or their level of training. This can provide a school with a significant discount if the school pays CPA Inc. membership for their on-staff profilers.

Individual membership

The CPA Inc. Individual Membership cost is related to your level of training. The number of available support resources made available to you also changed in relation to your level of training or Instructor level. 


Included in your Membership

The Classroom Profiling Association Inc. is a not for profit organisation under the Queensland Government Associations Incorporation Act 1981. We are an association of volunteers working to support the process of Classroom Profiling.

Membership of the Classroom Profiling Association Inc. is available to anyone who has been trained by an endorsed CPA Inc. instructor. Initial membership should be included in your training package.

Membership is per calendar year and can be either individual membership or group membership through a whole school membership.

When Membership payment is made prior to April 1st of each year, voting rights at the Association’s AGM will be valid.

Reasons to join the CPA Inc.

Included in your Membership

Not only do you have access to all Classroom Profiling resources at your level of training here on the Classroom Profiling website, you also….


Become part of a very large and well-established professional learning community, focussed on student engagement and high-quality pedagogy


Will access high quality resources for use in your own classroom or more broadly within in your school setting as you share best practice with your colleagues


Receive a quarterly newsletter. This is just one communication method to keep our members up to date with CPA Inc. activities and initiatives and also contemporary research and resources that can assist you in your various roles in schools


Can become an active member of the association, nominating at the AGM to join the Management Committee – we are happy to embrace new people to the team. We benefit from a diverse group of people from different sectors and regions across Queensland, the rest of Australia and overseas


Have access to quality-assured and endorsed instructors who are listed on the CPA Inc. website. If this is not your experience, please contact the CPA Inc. at


As a not for profit organisation, your membership fee supports:
Employment of an Administrative Officer (initial point of contact, ongoing member support, finance management)
IT expenses – we need to maintain an accounting package, website, a social media presence and databases
Other smaller operational measures eg maintaining a stock of merchandise.

Training Feedback

From A Lighthouse School Principal

“We all know “good” teachers and believe in the golden why of why it is so vitally important for us to be building our own and the capability of more good teachers. The profiling process, clearly identified, described and documented why these teachers are good. It broke “wow” teaching down into identifiable, achievable chunks of deliberate practice. Janet Thomson bought the elements to life in a practical, humorous and very real way and built confidence in the process. A powerful way to reflect, refine and improve on your own practice and assist others in doing the same.

– Jo Martin 

Manager – Capability, Teacher Learning Centre, Far North Queensland Region



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The Classroom Profiling philosophy of being supportive and non-judgmental of others, and of using reflective practices to improve classroom practice and management while improving teacher capacity to implement engaging lessons has provided successful learning...

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