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Lighthouse Schools

Schools which showcase their use of Classroom Profiling

Lighthouse Schools

What makes a Lighthouse School stand out?

Lighthouse Schools have:

  • Community Members (administrators, teachers, students and parents) understand the purpose of Classroom Profiling and are able to explain the benefits of Classroom Profiling to various audiences
  • Teachers and Administrators are able to demonstrate the links between Classroom Profiling and improved student outcomes (academically and behaviourally) using school-based data

Taking Action

Lighthouse Schools have:

  • an Action plan developed linking Classroom Profiling to the Annual Improvement Plan or Explicit Improvement Agenda
  • financial resources committed to Classroom Profiling in the annual school budget
  • at least one Classroom Profiling Instructor on staff or in local cluster school if small / remote school
  • Active Profilers in the school who are financial members of the CPA Inc.
    a Classroom Profiling Steering Committee meets at least once per term

Lighthouse Schools will:

  • showcase their use of Classroom Profiling
  • offer all teachers the chance to be profiled as part of a whole school sweep at least twice annually
  • data from school sweeps is
    – presented to whole staff at least twice annually
    – used to inform future action planning
    – added to the Classroom Profiling Summary of Collated Data at least once a year
  • refresh bi-annually the Essential Skills for Classroom Management with all staff
  • ensure Classroom Profilers attend Refresher training bi-annually
  • ensure Classroom Profiling training is facilitated on site or as part of a local cluster
Kingaroy State High School

Kingaroy State High School

Since 2018

Lighthouse School contact: Robyn Ferling – Pedagogy Coach.

Contact via: rferl4@eq.edu.au

David Thomson (Principal)

Andrew Maddern (HOD of Technology – second contact)

Bli Bli State School

Bli Bli State School

Since 2018

Lighthouse School contact: Kyla Bonney(Deputy Principal, Line Manager PBL)

Contact via:kbonn13@eq.edu.au

Mon Pfingst (Principal)

Kyla Bonney (Deputy Principal, Line Manager PBL)

Beerwah State High School

Beerwah State High School

Since 2018

Lighthouse School contact: Barb Mullins – Teacher/Librarian and Lead Profiler.

Contact via: bmull38@eq.edu.au

Lyn McDonald (Principal)

Scott Siddell (Deputy Principal)

A Word

From A Lighthouse School Principal

“Being a Classroom Profiling Lighthouse School has reinforced to all members of the school community the value we place on quality teaching and continuous improvement.

Over 25% of staff are trained in Classroom Profiling and 100% of teachers participate in regular sweeps. Evidence from classroom walk throughs shows the positive impact that Classroom Profiling is having on student engagement.”

– Ashley Roediger, Kingaroy SHS

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