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New Tool for Instructors

CP Instructors now have a simpler way to register Profilers and get certificates prepared! Please use the Lodgement Tool for all Course Attendees (effective May 2020).

Ensure you download a fresh version of this form every time you need to make a lodgement. Note: If you don’t download fresh versions it’s highly likely the macro settings will not work successfully.

If you’re not sure how to use it? Get in contact at prior to commencing and CP training to ensure your attendees have everything required for CPA Inc. registration.

Private providers

A lodgement tool for Private Providers is currently in development. Please contact if you need to organise certificates in the interim.

To all instructors – if you would prefer the personal approach – send us an email and we’ll send you the form ourselves…… and speaking of Certificates, have you seen our new revamped 2020 version yet?

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