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What are they and how do they assist with the practice of Classroom Profiling?

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What is Classroom profiling? 

Classroom Profiling is a supportive, reflective professional practice relevant to all educators regardless of their years of experience or educational setting. Classroom profiling allows teachers to reflect on the effectiveness of their pedagogical practices they currently use in their classroom.

How does the Classroom Profiling Association work?

The Classroom Profiling Association Incorporated is the collegiate association supporting the practice of Classroom Profiling, Classroom Profilers and providers of training – by Endorsed Instructors. The practice of Classroom Profiling is utilised by private providers, within the State Education system, Catholic and Independent Schools and other Educational Institutions. 

Professional Standards

The process of Classroom Profiling has at its foundation the Essential Skills for Classroom Management and strongly aligns with Positive Behaviour for Learning and all other instruction frameworks.

All trained Classroom Profilers must adhere to the Classroom Profiling Code of Conduct and as such, Classroom Profiling remains a voluntary, non-judgemental and confidential process for teachers. Classroom Profiling is not a performance evaluation tool. Classroom Profiling can inform your professional development program.


Classroom Profilers Association Inc. strongly aligns with APST Standard 6: Engagement in professional learning and reflection and APST Standard 4: Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments.



Based at Bribie Island 

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“Keep spreading the good word about Classroom Profiling to your colleagues. Every student deserves to have an outstanding teacher!”

Terry Rudder




What Teachers are Saying

““I wish I had this training 15 years ago!”

Experienced classroom teacher

“Since we’ve started this process last year I find myself concentrating on how I’m teaching the content rather than concentrating on the content itself. It’s brilliant”

– HoD Maths

“Everyone should do this training, it’s the cornerstone of effective teaching.”

 – Primary Deputy Principal

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