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Essential Skills for Classroom Management
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Classroom Management

Classroom Management refers to teacher practice as well as student behaviour. Positive classroom climate, positive interpersonal relationships, clarity and consistency of expectations and consequences (both positive and negative) all work together to create an efficient learning environment.

essential skills

The ten Essential Skills for Classroom Management coupled with Classroom Profiling help identify the positive aspects of a classroom and identify areas of practice that may benefit from reflective discussion and altered practice.

keys to escm success

The 10 ESCM rules 

  1. Establishing expectations – Making rules.
  2. Giving instructions – Telling students what to do.
  3. Waiting and scanning – Stopping to assess what is happening.
  4. Cueing with parallel acknowledgement – Praising a particular student to prompt others.
  5. Body language encouraging – Smiling, nodding, gesturing and moving near.
  6. Descriptive encouraging – Praise describing behaviour.
  7. Selective attending – Not obviously reacting to certain behaviours.
  8. Redirecting to the learning – Prompting on-task behaviour.
  9. Giving a choice – Describing the student’s options and likely consequences of their behaviour.
  10. Following through – Doing what you said you would.


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The Classroom Profiling philosophy of being supportive and non-judgmental of others, and of using reflective practices to improve classroom practice and management while improving teacher capacity to implement engaging lessons has provided successful learning...

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Returning to the Classroom after Covid

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