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2019-2020 Committee: Pictured (L to R): Felicity Day, Janet Thomson, Linda Bray, Michelle Cubis, Bill Schneid, Veronica Sherwood (front), Robyn Ferling, Lisa Wiki, Nicola Worthington, Derek Ranclaud, Pete Keen, Richard Nash, Tracy Green.

2017-2018 Committee: Pictured (L to R): Derek Ranclaud, Richard Nash, Mark Davidson, Michelle Cubis, Pete Keen, Janet Thomson, Linda Bray, Simone Kay

2017-2018 Committee: Pictured (L to R): Pete Keen, Linda Bray, Mark Davidson, Michelle Cubis, Richard Nash, Derek Ranclaud, Janet Thomson, Tom Wakely

2015 Committee: Pictured (L to R): Back – Pete Keen, Bruce Mouland, Derek Ranclaud, Richard Nash, Warren Wintour

Front – Janet Thomson, Nic Worthington, Nichola Lister, Mark Davidson, Tom Wakely, Michelle Cubis.

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