Classroom Profiling is a tool for Observation, Reflection and Conversation. It is not a teaching methodology or pedagogy and shouldn’t be viewed as such.

 Regardless of a school’s philosophy and pedagogical framework (e.g. Sharrett – Clarity, Hattie -Visible Learning, Marzano –  New ASOT High Reliability Schools: Fleming – Explicit Instruction, Positive Behaviour for Learning), Classroom Profiling provides a neutral, non-judgemental avenue to enhance individual teacher’s capacity and furthermore improved student outcomes.

Classroom Observations and feedback is a way to achieve this critical examination, allowing teachers to become aware of their pedagogical approach where improvements can be realised.

 (Guss et al., 2013 ; Khachatryan, 2015: Lowder et al., 2017)

Collaborative collegial engagement in the form of observation, feedback and coaching is a high-yield strategy to improve teaching and learning.

      (Marzano, 2012)

Classroom Profiling is not, and should not, used as a performance tool. There are other tools for managing performance.

Classroom Profiling has always been about improving individual through a data informed process. Data collected from the observation session (30 – 40 mins) is used:

  • by the individual teacher to self-reflect and identify areas of interest and concern
  • by the profiler to assist in the collaborative, collegial reflection discussion expanding on the teacher’s interpretation of the data collected during the observation
  • the result of the discussions can be used to inform professional develop activities for the individual.

Teachers are among the most powerful influences in learning.            (Hattie, 2012)

 All individual data can be collated to create a whole school profile. The data within this profile can be used to:

  • affirm current whole school processes, practice and culture
  • create opportunity to wonder what if ?
  • identify challenges to be addressed
  • inform Profession development opportunities
  • compare current data with previously collected data.

 [Classroom Profiling and ESCM] is an incredible useful set of strategies for teachers, a training framework for beginning and experienced teachers, and data collection tool for administrators and teachers alike. It is under utilised by universities and teacher training courses in Queensland. In a time when we need to retain effective and intelligent teaching staff, Classroom Profiling rules supreme and is worth its weight in gold! (Sam Williams, 2018)


Article by Richard Nash

Richard Nash retired from Education Quuensland State School Principal after 42 years of service. He was an Internal Reviewer for EQ’s School Improvement Unit and was a School Reviewer in Victoria. 

Richard is an Endorsed Classroom Profiling Instructor – Level 3.

He has been an active member of the Classroom Profiling Association Inc. management committee since 2015.