The Classroom Profiling philosophy of being supportive and non-judgmental of others, and of using reflective practices to improve classroom practice and management while improving teacher capacity to implement engaging lessons has provided successful learning experiences to those teachers who have been involved. 

In 2013,  Chancellor State College had one trained Classroom Profiler . Now, eight years later, across both campuses there are 32 staff trained as Classroom Profilers – ranging from Classroom Profiler – level 1  through to Classroom Profiling Instructor – level 1. 

The proficiency of our profilers is maintained by offering sessions throughout the year when the profiling team get together to talk over any questions or queries they may have.

During these sessions we revisit a profiling session land work through the profiler’s observation sheet to ensure that everyone is on the same page in regards to observations and reflection sessions.

During these discussions, it is always reinforced just how important it is to maintain the confidentiality of the person being profiled.  This way the culture and integrityof profiling is maintained. The importance of being supportive and confidential provides a great way to build positive experiences within the school.

Classroom Profiling is valued by the College’s administration team demonstrated by budgeting allocation and time allocation through various student services roles at the college keeping  Classroom Profiling alive and well at Chancellor.

The Classroom Profiling team works closely with the school’s administration team to ensure that profiling is included in all student free day programs. The college is working towards continuing the process of training more teachers so that it becomes further embedded into the school culture.

Article by Janet Thomson, CPI Level 3
CPA Inc. Treasurer

Chancellor State College is a P-12 Band 11 school on the Sunshine Coast. It stretched across two campuses in walking distance from each other.

Original article published in the CPA Inc. Newsletter in Term 3, 2020.